Resort Attractions – Texas’ Shangri-la

Recently we did a whole series of write-ups on inventions created by Kenneth W. Welch, Jr, Global Oceanic Designs

State-of-the-Art Technology Center

Recently we have been reviewing a lot of products and inventions from the mind of Kenneth W. Welch, Jr.

Harnessing Wave Power – The SeaDog Wave Pump

After a recent tour of Global Oceanic Designs, Inc.'s X-Wave Facility, we were introduced to one of their consultancy projects. The SeaDog Wave Pump.

Wave Testing – The Next Level

After recently touring the main facility of Global Oceanic Designs, Inc. we were taken to their sister property for a tour. This property is known as The X-Wave Facility. And man, we were so blown away by what we saw there that we just HAD to write about it!

Global Oceanic Designs – Sci-Fi Meets Reality

Recently we reviewed a new internet technology created by the GTBD, a subsidiary of Global Oceanic Designs, Inc. After reading our review, Global Oceanic Designs, Inc. was so pleased that they invited us to their facility to share with us a new, coming to market product that literally took us to the deepest depths of our imagination.

GTBD – The Journey

If you really want to know the story about the GTBD, the first thing you'll probably want to know is how and where it was conceived, and what the world was like at that time.