State-of-the-Art Technology Center

Recently we have been reviewing a lot of products and inventions from the mind of Kenneth W. Welch, Jr. Through this journey, we’ve gotten to know him fairly well, so before our departure, we asked “So, what’s next?” (We knew there HAD to be something else…)

Mr. Welch then began telling us about the up coming state-of-the-art Technology Development Campus, being developed by Global Oceanic Designs, Inc. better known as TDC. (Campus meaning property… not school).

The way Mr. Welch described it is: “The TDC is an invention incubator and industry development and marketing site focused on the growth of new innovative ideas and products for the betterment of human kind. From conception through development and all the way into practical application and marketing, TDC’s ultimate goal is to bring new technological advancements that will benefit our planet’s growth and evolution into a sustainable-living future.”

Every day, we hear great ideas from people, be it friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, or just the kid down the street. These ideas can range from super-fantastical, to actual practical applications that would definitely make the world a better place. You know what happens to most of those ideas? Nothing.

Ever wonder why that is? The main reason is that the people who actually have those ideas lack something. Be it funding, expertise, knowledge on how to achieve your end-goal, or even things like “How would I market it?” or “What do I do with it, even if I do succeed in creating it?”

TDC is where you would go to fill in that missing piece.

TDC is like Global Oceanic Design, Inc’s version of “America’s Got Talent” for inventors. Basically “America’s Got Talent” meets “Shark Tank.”

TDC consists of 3 stages… The first one is the approval process.

Picture this, you have an idea, concept or design. (Doesn’t matter if it’s an fully developed idea, or if you just have some brief notes jotted down on a napkin.) You’ll actually have the opportunity to present your ideas to a “Selection Panel” of experts.

Like “Shark Tank”, these experts will hear the ideas and ask pertinent questions specific to each particular case. They will evaluate each idea and make a decision according to the realistic value of the idea.

Unlike “Shark Tank” however, the entire experience is set to funded by non-profit organizations, making it much more humanitarian… So, Basically, you help the world and the world helps you.

The Next stage is development, creation and testing.

When your idea is chosen, it (the idea) will receive a scholarship. It will be paired with an expert team, chosen specifically to meet the needs of your particular idea.

You, along with that team, will work together to build, test and determine whether the idea is actually capable of working in a “real-world environment”.

As we all know, for every successful idea, there are many failures. I.e. Thomas Edison made over 1,000 unsuccessful attempts at inventing the light bulb before he actually got it right.

The TDC process makes this determination much more efficient due to the inclusion of the Experts in the fields necessary for your particular idea.

If it is determined that your idea does work in the “real world”, it goes on to the third stage, which is bringing it to the world. So, besides marketing, it includes finding manufacturers to mass produce it, businesses to sell it, etc…

The TDC platform’s center of attention is directed towards its products’ uniqueness and the potential benefits they provide to humanity. Other aspects taken into consideration are the marketability of the products, viability of manufacturing, current competitive landscape, and the product’s advancement roadmap.

The TDC will be a privately funded organization, relying largely on donations from other non-profit organizations, industrial and manufacturing companies, independent investors, and philanthropists.

To us, it sounds like a genious idea to have all these different inventions happening at one place…. Especially in the scenario where John Doe’s idea won’t work alone, BUT if you combine it with Jane Smith’s idea, it will create a truly unique product that will.

Right now, we’re talking about just one campus, but imagine if this idea were franchised to multiple locations around the world… collaborating with each other. The number of inventions that could be expedited to completion and the overall impact that would have on the world.

Mr. Welch told us that the reason he decided to create something like this is so that potential inventors don’t have to go through all of the hoops that he had go through in order to get an invention “to market”. (Smart thinking if you ask me!)

Mr. Welch, and Global Oceanic Designs, Inc. are currently looking for people who would like to participate in this unique, one-of-a-kind venture. As far as we know, there’s nothing else like it anywhere.

If you are interested, or you want to know more information, feel free to look them up @ GTBD.US, another of Global Oceanic Designs, Inc.‘s creations using the keywork “TDC”.

We just want to remind Global Oceanic Designs, Inc. To get ahold of us once TDC is launched, we know a few people that could benefit from auditioning!

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