Resort Attractions – Texas’ Shangri-la

Recently we did a whole series of write-ups on inventions created by Kenneth W. Welch, Jr, Global Oceanic Designs, Inc. and SeaDog Systems, Inc.While we were in the area, Kenneth was a gratious host, and allowed us to stay at another one of his business venturesResort Attractions, Inc. That was a pretty classy thing to do… Thank you once again.

If you get a chance to travel to the Houston Texas Area, we would definitely recommend making the journey 40 minutes north to Lake Conroe, a 22,000 acre recreational lake nestled in Texas Piney Woods. Spend a night or 10 at Resort Attractions, Inc.… We’re not joking… it’s WELL worth it.

Resort Attractions, Inc. isn’t a “Hotel”, it avoids all of the “Hustle And Bustle” associated with hotels. Additionally, you aren’t just given a “room” when you rent one of their units, you are given an ENTIRE condo. Whether or not you rent a 1 or 2 bedroom condo, is your choice.

We pulled up into the community, and immediately noticed lots of ammenties, like a lakeside swimming pool, basketball and tennis courts and a covered playground… They even offer laundry facilities if you need them, or if you would like, you can even rent the club house.

I should have brought my boat, there’s a boat landing right next to the clubhouse.

We were told that our condo was going to be NEAR the water… They Lied. We opened the front door, and were greeted by this cruise ship feeling and the site of Lake Conroe through what we later realized was a giant glass wall with sliding doors leading out to a balcony, that is not just NEAR the water, but literally, ON the water.

I mean I could’ve probably jumped right into the lake.

Both of us are water buffs, we were literally like 2 kids in a candy store, so, of course, the first place we went was to the balcony. Forget unpacking… Grab the fishing poles! (Yes, you’re allowed to fish right off the balcony… And I love to fish.)

There are a couple of things that made our stay at Resort Attractions, Inc. unique. First was the fact that we could check in at 10am and that we didn’t have to check out until 3pm on the day we left. Extra Time fishing? duh!

Another cool thing that is offered, that, unfortunately, we couldn’t take advantage of due to tight schedules, is that one of the local watersports companies, DNS Watersports (A 5-minute walk to the resort’s marina), gives Resort Attractions guests a 15% discount on rentals. So, you can stay at the nicest resort on the peninsula AND get a discount on watercrafts? We are SO doing that next time!

ALL Resort Attractions, Inc. rooms have “Over The Water” balconies, full kitchens and all are tastefully decorated, but follow different motifs. (They aren’t cookie cutter rooms like most hotels.) Some have unique features like, the one we stayed in, had a beautiful solid wood bar. (Booze not included).

If you’re a writer looking to start your next novel, Resort Attractions, Inc. has the perfect room for you (They call it the “Captain’s Room”) with beautiful full-size writing desk. Imagine, sitting down to write and having the calming sounds of the waves to serenade you while you work.

We finally took the time to unpack, but then, needed to leave for our tour of the Global Oceanic Designs, Inc.headquarters, but upon returning to the condo, decided that we actually WOULD pull out those fishing poles.

I was talking to the guys at Global Oceanic Designs, Inc. about my love of fishing, they told me that the lake rewards anglers with record bass, giant catfish, bluegill, perch, bream, alligator garr, crappies and I was also told that one woman actually caught a 3 pound goldfish… I guess someone lost a pet…

After fishing, (I caught a 10″ bass and 2 perch around 6″ each), we decided that we would go explore the area. Conroe boasts lakeside dining and shopping establishments along with award-winning breweries and local wineries. So many, choices… Where do we start?

We caught wind that there was live entertainment at “Papa’s On The Lake”, after some Cajun Shrimp Tacos, one of Papa’s Famous Hamburgers and a great band, we decided to head back to the Condo, and (once again), headed out to the balcony. A quick cocktail and a night of listening to the waves, then off to bed.

Next morning…

Quickly whip up a couple of omelettes, grab some coffee, and once again, this is getting to be a pattern, out to the balcony to enjoy that beautiful 3 mile view.

We then needed to get over to Global Oceanic Designs, Inc.‘s X-Wave Facility for our tour there, you can read that article here.

Another interesting day, and some wicked cool tech, The SeaDog Wave Pump by SeaDog Systems, Inc., which is currently being tested at the X-Wave Facilty. (Check out the review).

After being inspired by all the waves being made at the X-Wave facility, we decided to set sail on one of the Southern Empress dinner cruises so that we could truly get “on the water”.

3 hours, and 2 full stomachs later…

We head back to the condo. It’s only a 5 minute walk from the Southern Empress. After a little TV, we decided to call it an early night, since we heard that sunrise over the water offers a spectacular view. We did NOT want to miss that!

Next Morning, we weren’t disappointed. Saying the view was beautiful does not even begin to describe it… It was literally breath-taking. So, after catching our breath and taking a nice stroll around the property; We decided, since check out isn’t until 3pm, that we had time to take in the famous Sunday Brunch at The Red Brick Tavern which the staff of Resort Attractions, Inc. told us about. (They are always glad to help you plan your stay).

As expected, they did not steer us wrong.

To reiterate our journey, this IS one for the history books, not only did we get to experience incredible tech, we got to meet the wonderful minds behind it and stay in a resort that can only be described as, beyond words.

A Big Thank You once again, to Kenneth W. Welch, Jr, The staffs of Global Oceanic Designs, Inc. , SeaDog Systems, Inc., The X-Wave Facilty, and last, but definitely not least, Resort Attractions, Inc. for one of the most memorable experiences ever.

Cheers, Until next time!