Global Oceanic Designs – Sci-Fi Meets Reality

Recently we reviewed a new internet technology created by the GTBD, a subsidiary of Global Oceanic Designs, Inc. After reading our review, Global Oceanic Designs, Inc. was so pleased that they invited us to their facility to share with us a new, coming to market product that literally took us to the deepest depths of our imagination.

So, check this out.. everyone dreams or hears about going to space or “The Great Space Race”. I mean, some people have literally, already bought tickets for when and if we ever get there. But, how many people think about going to a world that already exists and is fairly easy to get to.. where you ask? Why Down! What we mean is, why not head underwater rather than to space?

I don’t know about you, but when I think about underwater, I think about beauty, and the awe inspiring views that already exist. I mean millions of people worldwide have aquariums, or ponds, just because of the beauty and tranquility aquatics offer. How many people go snorkeling, or scuba diving? The problem with that, you experience some of the beauty, but can only go between 30 and 60 feet (10-20 meters) deep.

When you think about heading deeper underwater, you usually think about either these enormous submarines like the ones in the US Naval Fleet, where the only person who gets to see out has to do so through the periscope. Or you think about things like the 1 and 2 man subs that are so small you can barely move and your head basically sits in a breathing chamber that you can see through. (I mean, c’mon, a YUGO is bigger than that.)

Remember the 1960’s Sci-Fi TV Series Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea? To this day, no submarine exists that has any type of large viewport windows like the Seaview in the show did. (You mean we were lied to?)

Enter a company named Global Oceanic Designs, Inc.

Global Oceanic Designs, Inc. through the vision of Kenneth W. Welch, Jr. comes up with the concept of the ability to not only travel underwater, but to do it In Style. They’ve designed a safe, modular, commercial submersible vehicle… And the coolest part… the whole thing is 100% clear.

So, what makes these subs different from other subs? Well, first of all, they are scalable, modular, interconnectible, made with common materials, and, as we said, the whole thing is clear!

Reminds us of the movie Star Trek IV: The Journey Home, when Scotty introduces “Transparent Aluminum” to the world. (We’re sure some of you will get that reference.)

Think about that for a minute, their designs allows you to view the beauty underwater no matter what direction you happen to look.

We’ve been told that their designs can range anywhere from a 4 man version all the way up to a 168 passenger version or anywhere in between.

Having the opportunity to sit down with Mr. Welch and the design team is honestly a conversation we NEVER expected to have. I mean, c’mon this is stuff straight out of sci-fi here… think late 1990’s Sci-Fi TV shows like SeaQuest 2032 and SeaQuest DSV. We used to love these shows.. both were about underwater travel, exploration and living. Well, guess what, sh*t just got real.

So, here’s an interesting scenario, Let’s imagine for a minute that we’re a tourism company. We decide to buy one of these designs from Global Oceanic Designs, Inc. For argument’s sake, let’s say we bought one designed for 20 people or so.

Once we have it manufactured, we can start selling tickets to people to take them on tours UNDERWATER! Imagine being able to load 20 people onto the vessel, take them down 400-500 feet (120-150 meters), and “cruise” from 1 island to another, all the while enjoying the beauty that mother nature has freely given us.

We don’t know about you, but we think that would be one of the most incredible experiences we’d ever been on.

Here’s another cool thing, let’s say instead of the cruise being underwater, it’s right on the surface. Now, storms roll in (think Gilligan’s Island). On a boat, “you’re tiny ship gets tossed”, however, on one these bad boys, you just submerge, get yourself out of the storm and continue enjoying nature’s beauty. (Sorry USS Minnow, blame the professor for not thinking of this..)

Ok, fun fact… Historically, man was so fascinated by the underwater world that in the 5th to 4th century BCE ancient Indian poems were already talking about flying machines able to travel into space or underwater. In 1916, a version of the 1870 Jules Verne novel 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea became one of the first movies EVER made.

What’s amazing is that here it is, in some cases, centuries later, and the average person still has no simple way to get there.

Global Oceanic Design, Inc’s Submarine story started in 1988… Several different prototypes were built and tested. All of them traveled more than 250% deeper than the estimated capabilities predicted by the experts at SwRI (Southwest Research Institute). Pretty impressive, in our opinion.

So, where does that leave us today? It leaves us with a tried and true, tested, re-designed, fully transparent, safe, underwater vessel, capable of being easily manufactured without the use of grandiose materials or complicated infrastructures. And best of all… They’re FOR SALE!

Interested? Head over to yet another one of Kenneth W. Welch Jr’s “brain children”… GTBD.US, Global Oceanic Design, Inc’s newly created graphical interface unlike anything else on the net for more information.

And, if you do end up purchasing one of these amazing designs, PLEASE, let us know! We’ll be first in line to purchase cruise tickets!